lèVe kitchen + bath is available only for Standard Projects.

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Our Inspiration

There is an intrinsic relationship between mankind and water. It brings life and life in fullness. Though people are losing the ability to see and feel it. Let’s get it back, enjoy the moments with water and be inspired by it to live a full-feeling life.

Beauty and aesthetics rooms are the source of every joyful and peaceful mind. People’s mood is set by the environment.

Concept: We know that it's possible to have both: style and affordable prices. That's what we do.

Aesthetics is a combination of shapes, colors, materials, size and textures. Yes, even texture is something that should be considered when creating a room.

When choosing bathroom's and kitchen's accessories, the entire room must communicate and all the elements must match. You don’t have to worry about this, because lèVe has already done this job for you.

Design: That's our main concern, after all, it's where the inspiration comes from.


We believe that everything starts with water