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Choosing Products: Microwave ovens Warming Drawers

April 19, 2018

Cook food fast and keep it warm with these savvy cooking appliances. New models offer a variety of smart features and stylish looks




1. Countertop

Available in a range of sizes and oven capacities, these models have features similar to a built-in model but take up space on the countertop. Many are sold with trim kits so they can also be built into cabinetry.



Designed to be surrounded by cabinetry, these units sometimes feature a drop-down door similar to traditional ovens. Often these models are installed above or below a wall oven. For a unified look, you can choose a trim kit that matches your other appliances.



These models combine a microwave oven and a ventilation fan and are installed above your range or cooktop. This arrangement might place the microwave oven too high for short cooks; reaching over a hot range or cooktop to access it raises safety concerns for all users. Although the ventilation is strong enough for many residential kitchens, it’s not powerful enough for prostyle ranges and cooktops. It’s used when space is at a premium.



These drawer-style microwave ovens can be installed below a countertop or with a wall oven. They’re ideal for kitchens with limited counter space or for island configurations. They slide open just like a drawer and can be placed at a height that’s convenient for all family members. They are pricier than countertop models and have more limited installation options.


Source: https://www.bhg.com/kitchen/remodeling/planning/remodeling-kitchen/


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