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Choosing Products: sinks

April 23, 2018

Today’s sinks make it easy to create a hardworking and stylish cleanup area. Pick a model that fits your work style and kitchen design preferences 




Acrylic, composite, and solidsurfacing have molded-through color hides chips and scratches. The synthetic material offers a stone look that’s lightweight and easier to install. 



Enameled steel might chip; enameled cast iron is heavy but more durable. Both come in many colors. 
STAINLESS STEEL: This popular material teams well with stainless steel appliances. Be sure to check the gauge: The lower the gauge, the thicker the metal—and the more durable and quieter the sink when pots clang against it. Brushed and satin stainless steel hides scratches, water spots, and fingerprints. 
STONE: Heavy slate, soapstone, granite, and concrete offer organic chic but are costly to buy and install. The surface is unforgiving of dropped plates and glasses. SINk cONFIGURATIONS STANDARD: This 33×22-inch format contains two bowls of equal or nearly equal size. Optional extra deep bowls (10-14 inches) accommodate tall pots and pans. 
LARGE SINGLE-BOWL: Typically 25×22 inches, this type uses less counter space but still welcomes large pans. Farm, or apron-front sinks, are a stylish version, but keep in mind that most of these require special base cabinets and professional installation. 
ThREE-BOWL: With extra options in depth and proportion, this sink style has a third, shallow bowl for food prep. 
MODULAR: Designed for undermount installation, this sink has individual bowls that come in several shapes and sizes. You create your ideal arrangement. 
BAR: Favorites for island work centers, these secondary sinks come in geometric or free-form shapes. 
CORNER: This sink’s shortened L shape optimizes counter space. 


Source: https://www.bhg.com/kitchen/remodeling/planning/remodeling-kitchen/


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