lèVe kitchen + bath is available only for Standard Projects.

lèVe is a Bec Business USA LLC "DBA".   |   projects@leve-usa.com

390 N Orange Ave #2300 - 32801 - Orlando FL | (407) 777 0778

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Why us
Our commitment is to your result, not ours.


We understand the complexity and importance of developers and general contractors’ role. Our solid background of more than 20 years in the construction market gave us the experience and the sensibility to work together with our clients, not only providing products but solutions.


One Project Manager dedicated to your Project and available 24/7 - 365 days.


Fastest turn-around time in the market: only 1 week  for cabinets and countertops. 


We work with open cost, so you know all hidden lines. We don't sell close packages trying to increase our mark-up.


Outstanding Managment skills ready to deal with unexpected issues and hiccups of every Project.